At Sea: Rockstar

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t even want to talk about those cookies.

Lord please don’t let me set eyes on them again.

Maybe because they were free cookies from the cafe on deck 5, I had exceptionally low expectations from them. Forgive me, cookies, for pre-judging you. You shattered me with all your glory. You were right on that fine line between cakedom and biscuitdom, chewy, but not floppy like Mrs Field’s. And you were so smooth and blessedly devoid of those sugar granules that stick out and kick you in the tongue like Pepperidge Farm’s. You weren’t over sweet like… all those other popular American cookies. You were so indie rock.

You might have remembered me, your insignificant fan, running over to grab you after the formal two nights ago. That warm chocolate cake had nothing on you.

Oh baby...


Oasis Of the Sea, somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean


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