At Sea: Rockstar

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t even want to talk about those cookies.

Lord please don’t let me set eyes on them again.

Maybe because they were free cookies from the cafe on deck 5, I had exceptionally low expectations from them. Forgive me, cookies, for pre-judging you. You shattered me with all your glory. You were right on that fine line between cakedom and biscuitdom, chewy, but not floppy like Mrs Field’s. And you were so smooth and blessedly devoid of those sugar granules that stick out and kick you in the tongue like Pepperidge Farm’s. You weren’t over sweet like… all those other popular American cookies. You were so indie rock.

You might have remembered me, your insignificant fan, running over to grab you after the formal two nights ago. That warm chocolate cake had nothing on you.

Oh baby...


Oasis Of the Sea, somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean


At Sea: I Was Up To Nothing

June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

7.20 am

Sitting down on one of the 300 empty seats at the stadium on deck 6 over looking the rushing waves, I felt a sudden desire to listen to Paul Cardall… or similar variations of those piano-y stuff they play in clubhouse swimming pool bathrooms.

Then I saw people running at the jogging track below, and suddenly felt an overpowering urge to throw bits of my oversweet ‘nutty nougart donut’ at them.

People huffing and puffing and jogging at the track below. My theory: that is not the best way to enjoy a cruise.

8.32 am

On the 7th day, after finishing my pile of pancakes with cream cheese and syrup (the latest obsession), i was suddenly so overcome by a severe case of boredom that all i could bare doing was to wait for the arrival of the next meal. Really, there is a limit to sitting there and doing nothing. It gets boring after a while.

I looked up from my phone. I blinked twice. I thought I for a second there was a chestnut puree dome cake with a meringue cookie on the table adjacent to ours – turned out it was a straw hat with half a bagel on top.

What a great hallucination though.

My imaginery chestnut dome cake on the farthest right table. I assure you, it looked closer to a chestnut dome cake in real life.

Who the hell puts bagels on top of their hats. Really.


1.21  pm
I walked out on to deck 16, the deck of infinite tanning chairs – and was slammed by a gush of powerful wind. With my hair and my calf length black cardigan whipping like torn flags around me, I felt a bit like a nomad making her way across the sahara in front of a row of tanned limbs and curious eyes. My Ann Dem flatforms somewhat acted like sails against the wind, so I kept cross legging and half tripping like a newly born baby deer.  After three steps, someone shouted ‘I love your hair!’

I tried to push that Willow Smith song out of my head before it could autoplay itself.

I gave up and flopped down on the nearest empty tanning chair.

Lunch could wait.

Half an hour. Two hours. Two and a half hours. I was still waiting for the wind to stop.

Or me to get sick of the songs on my ipod.

Or people to leave.

Starving. I just wanted someone, something to run out before I do.

At Sea: The Sotto On The Side

June 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Toasted Barley Mushroom Risotto (side)

That was one good mushroom risotto.

And that’s a lot coming from someone who never gives much for mushroom risottos. Not the dish in its own right, just general experiences I had with it at various restaurants in the past.

They always come too creamy, too undercooked, too (god save me) mushy – big clump of soggy water bugs infused with cream of mushroom soup concentrate.

This one – the spoonful holds together when you scoop it up, but you could still separate one grain from another had you only whispered such a command. Perfectly diced mushrooms, as well as halved ones – sauteed with a generous dash of olive oil to become bright young things.

Good one, side dish. Way to make me forget about my main.


Solarium Bistro, Oasis of The Sea. Somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean.

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