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June 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

Salmon Six Ways: Cold Smoked, Seared, Mousse, Pickled, Gravad Lax, Roe.

*Note at the end: Insider tips on what to do with sucky iPhone food pictures that you desperately want to post on your blog but equally desperately ashamed to.*

The things you can do with salmon. Reminds me of our materials project from last semester – we had to treat a certain fabric in as many ways as possible to see how it stands under different situations – so we boiled silk, baked felt, poached wool bury it five foot deep in cow dung and sprinkle it with fairy dust. Not really. But I love it when those n way dishes make me crave each one for more while I jump back and forth between the pickled and the tartare option while keeping a ferocious eye on the pan-fried one. This comes in six ways (yes six, more than the number of courses we had) and my first thought was – uh salmon circus much? But well, you get some kicks out of circuses at times. The beetroot marinated, the mousse and the sashimi ones with dill and mustard sauce stood out like sweet beasts.

Soup. Lovely. Just lovely. The pan-fried shrimp on the side? Lovely. The kind of lovely where you wipe your bowl clean with a chunk of bread in the end.

The lamb was decent. Portion’s just right for a foetus.

Seafood linguine. So so.

Blueberry Donuts in Martini Glass and Vanilla Sauce. Kinda fun.

Decor… Everyone! FOCUS ON THE FOOD!

By the way, ‘FINDS experiences are inspired by the five Nordic countries: Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden.’


Greenland Shrimp Soup

Lamb Tenderloin. Potatoes Simmered In Veal Stock, Fava Beans, Tomatoes, Lamb Jus


FINDS, 1/F The Luxe Manor, 39 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Decor: 1/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 4/5
Price/head : around 500 HKD (dinner)


What to do with sucky iPhone food pics on iPhoto:

1) Tweak the contrasts all the way up till a point where you go, shit that makes me look like I used one of those ridiculous camera apps. Tweak it down again. 2) Repeat step one but replace ‘contrast’ with ‘exposure’. 3) Crop the pic so that it looks intentionally (and hopefully tastefully) off centered. Trial ad error until you noticed you cropped 80% of the dish out. Go back to first edit. 4) Think to self: this still looks like shit. 5) Drag saturation all the way to 0, making it black and white. Then think… No no no people would think I’m drinking water instead of wine with my salmon. No… 6) Repeat step 1) to 5) again, this time in a more erratic order, in a more spasmodic manner. 7) Post final edit (which looks almost if not completely the same as the original file) and think to self: Even my mom could tell I took this with my iPhone…

FEAR NOT. White Olympus camera throned Gloria Yu’s fourth camera of the year 2011 yesterday. How long would her regime be? Will she bend under pressure as quickly as her predecessors did? Can she deal with the increasing stakes at hand?

Stay tuned.


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