At Sea: The Sotto On The Side

June 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Toasted Barley Mushroom Risotto (side)

That was one good mushroom risotto.

And that’s a lot coming from someone who never gives much for mushroom risottos. Not the dish in its own right, just general experiences I had with it at various restaurants in the past.

They always come too creamy, too undercooked, too (god save me) mushy – big clump of soggy water bugs infused with cream of mushroom soup concentrate.

This one – the spoonful holds together when you scoop it up, but you could still separate one grain from another had you only whispered such a command. Perfectly diced mushrooms, as well as halved ones – sauteed with a generous dash of olive oil to become bright young things.

Good one, side dish. Way to make me forget about my main.


Solarium Bistro, Oasis of The Sea. Somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean.


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