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June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s funny how life laughs at us. The two thing I love most – food and clothes – absolute sworn enemies.

And I actually love them. Both. Equally so. It’s not like I feel the need to be fifty-fifty about them, there would not be a favored child. See, they are gifts that appeal to completely different senses. I’ll try make this simpler: I remember once proclaiming the feel of cashmere ‘orgasmic’, but I would not, my friend, find myself one day licking a cashmere sweater with eyes shut and saying ‘Mmm!’. Same applies to a slice of cake, or likes of. I do not grope and feel up cakes. I am just really glad that at this point of my life, I am able to find frequent emotional journeys in my various sensory in-trays – enough for me write about.

But why a food blog? How about clothes, how about fashion? As I had written before in my other blog, the more bits-of-everything blog, … Baby Where’s My Light?, nothing could pull out so many paragraphs of exaggerated imagery and metaphors from me as food could. Only, they are not exaggerated. It is true that I do get highs from food. And if not highs – thrills, excitements, gasps, embarrassing moments of eye-closings, split second fevers, also disgust, disappointments, oh – three-day-long diarrhea sessions, let downs (as in ‘Mmmmmm.. it’s …. so uh, good!’ in that, you know, really polite way of mine), and in general, rather melodramatic trips.

Plus, it’s not like I don’t hear enough about shoe trends at school.

I am not writing as a professional. I do not aspire to be a chef. I am not a food critic (I will not pretend I swallowed a foodpedia – though I do know how to point and order, as opposed to embarrassing myself by mispronouncing something obviously not sounding the way I would have pronounced it). I write for papers. I sew clothes and build shoes at school. I aspire to be a fashion designer.

I also eat – and boy do I love doing that.


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